New x11-ssh-askpass release available

Philip Hands phil at
Sat Dec 11 04:09:39 EST 1999

Jim Knoble <jmknoble at> writes:

> X11-ssh-askpass is drop-in passphrase dialog for OpenSSH, based solely
> on the regular X11 libraries (libX11, libXt), with a default look and
> feel similar to the passphrase dialog present in recent releases of the
> not-so-open SSH-1.2.x.

Given that this requires least (in terms of library dependencies) of
all the Free ssh-askpass implementations available to us, is it going
to be adopted as the default?

It seems to make sense to put this in the main source tree (as
ssh-askpass) and to get rid of the other two, to remove clutter, but
perhaps I'm missing some reason that people might prefer the gnome or
perl-tk versions.

Cheers, Phil.

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