New x11-ssh-askpass release available

Jim Knoble jmknoble at
Sat Dec 11 06:11:41 EST 1999

I've just heard this week from Markus Friedl that x11-ssh-askpass is in
OpenBSD's CVS tree in the X11 section.  I need to make absolutely sure
that what they have and what i have are in sync before it goes anywhere
else, and i haven't had time to do that yet.  (I'm leaving Sunday for a
Linux Standard Base meeting and then The Bazaar in New York, and i
won't be back until the following Sunday, so it might take a bit.)

Once that's done, it's up to Damien whether it should be in the OpenSSH
port or not; i'd really like to autoconf-ify it, but i don't have so
much experience doing that.  Perhaps one or two folks here could help
once it does (or doesn't) get in the OpenSSH package.

I don't particularly see any reason to exclude the other ssh-askpass
implementations other than that it's more difficult to maintain two or
three implementations than one.  It seems good to let folks choose
which one they prefer.

jim knoble
jmknoble at

På 1999-Dec-10 klokka 17:09:39 +0000 skrivet Philip Hands:

: Given that this requires least (in terms of library dependencies) of
: all the Free ssh-askpass implementations available to us, is it going
: to be adopted as the default?
: It seems to make sense to put this in the main source tree (as
: ssh-askpass) and to get rid of the other two, to remove clutter, but
: perhaps I'm missing some reason that people might prefer the gnome or
: perl-tk versions.

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