1.2pre17 scp Input/Output error

Berend De Schouwer bds at ucs.co.za
Tue Dec 14 22:13:30 EST 1999

On 14 Dec, Barrie Spence wrote:
> Berend De Schouwer wrote:
>> Under OpenSSH 1.2pre17 I can duplicate and Input/Output error for scp:
>> Conditions:
>> pc36 is a RH6.0/i386 box.
>> abc.co.za is a RH5.2/i386 box. (private network)
>> openssh 1.2 pre 17 on both boxes.
>> Line between them is a 128k leased line.  It works between two 10baseT
>> machines.
>> If the scrollbar is active, the scp fails, if it isn't active, scp
>> works.  Note that without the scrollbar, the file gets there and is
>> valid.
> I can confirm this problem - in our case, both ends are RH6.1 with
> a 2.2.13 kernel. I'm actually using it via a SOCKS5 firewall with 
> the runsocks command - I don't know the spec of the intervening
> pipework.

> I also noticed that small files transfer without problem (anything
> larger than ~500k breaks).

More investigation indicates that this happens if the scrollbar needs
updating.  ie, if the entire file gets sent in one go (immediate 100%)
it works.  On slow links and large files the scrollbar has to wait at
x%, and update.  It breaks at the very first (visual) update.  Happens
with a 1.2pre15 client as well.

> I rebuilt the supplied SRC rpm locally.

Me too - one per RedHat release (4, 5 and 6).  Gnome support compiled
out.  Built to .rpm from the .tar.gz

> Barrie

Kind regards,				  
Berend De Schouwer, +27-11-712-1435, UCS

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