ANNOUNCE: openssh-1.2pre13

Philip Hands phil at
Fri Nov 19 23:25:09 EST 1999

Damien Miller <djm at> writes:

> I have just uploaded 1.2pre13 to

Hi Damien,

It looks like you've fixed a load of recently reported Debian bugs :-)

Am I right in thinking that you've been keeping an eye on the bug
reports page?  If so, could you tell me the numbers of the bugs you
reckon you have fixed, so that I can close them with impunity.
Otherwise, I may end up assuming that you've fixed something that you
actually didn't know about.

If it is the case that you are keeping an eye on the Debian BTS, and
fixing bug found, please could you put some reference to the bug
number in your changelog in future to make my life easy (if it's not
too much effort.  If you're not, I'll start forwarding the ones I
think are upstream problems to you, but I didn't want to clog up your
mailbox if you're seeing them all anyway.

BTW, this is all looking really good --- now that the 1023/1024 bug's
gone I think I can get rid of most of the warnings regarding upgrades
from ssh-nonfree, and leave just a FYI note.

Cheers, Phil

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