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Sun Nov 21 19:13:37 EST 1999

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On 19 Nov 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

> It looks like you've fixed a load of recently reported Debian bugs :-)
> Am I right in thinking that you've been keeping an eye on the bug
> reports page? 

Not as often as a I should :( The buffer overrun was reported to me
by Dane Brosemer, all the other bugfixes were coincidences :)

If there are critical bugs in the future (such as the overrun), would
it be possible for yourself or someone else to email me direct?

> If it is the case that you are keeping an eye on the Debian BTS, and
> fixing bug found, please could you put some reference to the bug
> number in your changelog in future to make my life easy (if it's not
> too much effort.  If you're not, I'll start forwarding the ones I
> think are upstream problems to you, but I didn't want to clog up your
> mailbox if you're seeing them all anyway.

I will try to check the Debian bugs page more often, and will try
to include bug numbers on fixes that close them.

BTW where can I find the ssh package under debian-non-US, I want to 
provide a pointer to it on the webpage.

Damien Miller

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