Packet integrity error. (29) - fixed by pre15

Ron Bickers rbickers at
Thu Nov 25 15:50:30 EST 1999

I just installed the 1.2pre15 RPMs and, as hinted in the announcement, it
fixed this problem.

Thank you!

Ron Bickers

===== ORIGINAL POST =====

I'm using SecureCRT ( to connect to OpenSSH (1.2pre14
built from source RPMs) running on RedHat Linux 6.1.  When I forward a local
port using SecureCRT to a port on the server and try to connect, I get the
error message "Packet integrity error. (29)" on the server and the session is
disconnected.  This forwarding setup works with the not-so-free sshd just

Any ideas?


Ron Bickers

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