Password Login Failing... (Not sure this went through)

Jim Knoble jmknoble at
Sun Apr 9 18:14:01 EST 2000

På 2000-Apr-09 klokka 03:12:31 -0400 skrivet Keith Baker:

: I am attmepting to install ssh/sshd on my RH6.1 Intel Box.  Everything
: seems to be working (not quite smooth sailing - I had to resort to
: precompiled RPM for OpenSSL).  I did however get it "working."  I
: generated a host key as root and then changed back to joe-user.  I created
: a key for joe-user.  I then ssh'd to my own host.  I got a prompt for a
: password and was very excited...  except I typed in my password and got
: rejected.  Any ideas?  I am using PAM and I believe my passwords are
: shadowed...

Did you build with support for TCP wrappers?  (You may have done so
inadvertently even if you didn't specify --with-tcp-wrappers.)  Try
allowing access to sshd via /etc/hosts.allow.  For example:

  sshd: ALL: ALLOW

Also, try running sshd in 'debug' mode:

  /path/to/sshd -d -p 4022

and ssh as well:

  ssh -v -p 4022

Finally, make sure that your ~/.ssh/ directory has mode 0700
(drwx------), since you have StrictModes set in sshd_config.

: I would like to better understand the "To disable tunneled clear text
: password, change to no here" comment...  Is this "clear text" passwords
: which are then encrypted int he tunnel?


: and what is an SKey?

jim knoble
jmknoble at

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