ls -alni /var/mail

Andre Lucas andre.lucas at
Wed Apr 12 20:27:02 EST 2000

I don't mind helping out here, I suspect I have some code from earlier
prng efforts that may be of use. Anyone else?

Have I read the seedfiles thing correctly? There is one seedfile for
sshd, and one each per user in the ~/.ssh directory. I think that raises
a few questions, IIRC similar to those from the prng discussion before:

- How should the sshd seedfile be protected?
- Should we consider the fact that we have multiple programs, oblivious
to each other, pulling entropy from the same sources?

I'm sure there are some other considerations too.


Damien Miller wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Andrew Stribblehill wrote:
> > Using the trial internal entropy gathering routines Damien so
> > kindly provided, I noticed stuff happening slowly. I think I've
> > traced this to the 'ls -alni /var/mail' taking a long time.
> The entropy code is pretty peliminary. It could do with some
> enhancements:
> - Loading and saving of random seeds (per user and for server)
> - A read timeout to prevent and errant process hanging ssh[d]
> - The ability to load which commands to run from a text file
> - Makefile support to sub the correct paths into the above text file
> Any help would be greatly welcomed as I am pretty busy with Other
> Things right now :)
> -d
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