scp: write stdout: Broken pipe error (Tru64 UNIX)

John P Speno speno at
Sat Apr 15 04:06:59 EST 2000

On Mon, Mar 27, 2000 at 11:41:08AM -0500, John P Speno wrote:
> I'm working on adding SIA authentication support to OpenSSH for use on
> Tru64 UNIX. The authentication bits are working but there's more work to be
> done including checking for locked accounts and setting resource limits.
> Anyway, most things seem to be working fine except for scp and I'm looking
> for a little help. Here's some output:

Just wanted to follow up on this issue because it's gone away. I've no idea
what was happening, so I'll blame user headspace error (my own).

Take care.

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