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Richard June rjune at
Sat Apr 15 05:39:43 EST 2000

: PS to damien: OpenSSH itselfs builds fine on the alpha, but I'm having
: argue w/ gnome-askpass a little bit, I think it's just that I have to
: install some newer libraries.(rh 6.0 is old)

Have you tried x11-ssh-askpass?  It just uses the regular X11
libraries.  I'd be interested to know what happens to it on 64-bit
I've never used askpass, I'm currently just doing an rpm -ba
openssh.spec.rh and letting it go. I'll have RPMs today. then if you want
I'll set you up an account to play with/fix x11-ssh-askpass or you can
wait until I figure it out.

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