Password authentication problems

Artit Jirapatnakul jartit at
Sat Apr 22 01:16:09 EST 2000

I'm having a problem getting OpenSSH to correctly authenticate passwords. 
I'm doing authentication against a shadow file (/etc/shadow) because I don't 
have PAM installed.

I'm using Slackware 7.0, OpenSSH 1.2.3, OpenSSL 0.95a, and glibc with the 
crypt addon.

Here is the funny thing about it though. I edited the file that has the code 
for authenication (auth-password.c I think, I'm not sure since I'm in 
Windows at the moment). I added code to display both the password from the 
client and then the crypted password from the client.

The unencrypted password is correct, so the server is getting the right 
password. But after it performs a crypt() on it, it gets the WRONG hash! The 
hash isn't the same as what is in the shadow file, and so the authentication 

Now I'm not sure what to do from there. This has happened on 3 different 
machines, all running slack 7. Any ides where to go from here?

If you need more info (like the debug output from the server), I'd be happy 
to provide it.


Artit J.
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