openssh bug?

Craig J Copi cjc5 at
Sat Apr 29 07:47:40 EST 2000

On a RH6.0 box, openssh compiled by me:
openssh 1.2.2 with openssl 0.9.4 without rsaref worked fine
openssh 1.2.3 with openssl 0.9.5a with rsaref gives me the error
rsa_public_encrypt() failed
to only SOME (ssh-1.2.2x) hosts, but not all.  I have traced this to 
the fact that they were run with -b 1024 instead of the default 768.

I have switched most of these back to the default so they work now.
Is this expected behavior?  I have not searched through the code to 
find out why it happens or if it should.


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