OpenSSH and IRIX?

Yuri Litvin yuri at
Sat Apr 29 11:59:24 EST 2000

Hey guys :-)
I'm trying to set up Openssh 1.2.3 on the IRIX 6.5.6.
I wasn't successful so far :-(
I've compiled latest openssl (the one that is on the same ftp site as
openssh), and it goes to /usr/local/ssl , but then openssh's ./configure
fails with the "Could not find working SSLeay / OpenSSL libraries, please
install". So i do ./configure --with-ssl-dir=/usr/local/ssl/lib/ -doesn't,
then the same with /usr/local/ssl/include, /usr/local/ssl ---- still the
same result.

Which compiler should i use?
I've tried to compile openssl with mips-cc , with gcc 2.81 , still the same
Am i doing smth really stupid and wrong, but can't get it 'cuz it's Friday?

Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thanx a lot for your reply :-)

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