Control-c not work under openssh?

John Horne J.Horne at
Tue Jul 4 22:50:26 EST 2000


I'm using openSSH 2.1.1p2 from my Linux PC to Solaris 7 and 8 systems (using
2.1.1p1). No problem, except that if I run a program on the Sun, having used
slogin to connect to it, and then try and issue a control-c to break into
the program it seems to be ignored. I can control-z and then kill the
suspended job, but I'd prefer control-c. I tried setting '-e none' on the
connection but to no effect. If I do a straight telnet into the system and
run the same program, then control-c works. So I guess its got to be
something with ssh? Note that I use protocol 1 to connect to the systems,
but have had the same problem with protocol 2.

Any ideas? Have I just omitted something in the configuration?



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