ssh ignores -f with protocol version 2

Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS edmundo at
Wed Jul 5 19:40:39 EST 2000

Subject line says it all. I couldn't find an on-line bug database to
check whether this has already been reported.

I'm testing openssh-2.1.1p2 on Linux.

Perhaps this isn't a bug, but it's certainly an incompatibility with
"SSH Version 2.0.13", which I want to replace, and I can't find
another way of achieving what I currently do with:

$ ssh -C -f user at host -L 12345:host:110 sleep 100000000

Of course, I'd rather do something like:

$ ssh -C -f user at host -L 12345:host:110 -N

But that gets: "Cannot fork into background without a command to
execute." So I think that's perhaps a separate bug: I think -f -N
ought to work.

Please copy replies to me. I'm not subscribed. I'd be happy to test a


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