Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at
Thu Jul 6 14:13:56 EST 2000

Anybody made OpenSSH work on a SPARC machine yet?  I managed to get OpenSSL
to compile correctly, via a patch to fix the location of perl (on RPM based
systems, it will almost always be in /usr/bin/perl, not in
/usr/local/bin/perl), and a small patch to the spec file to allow for SPARC
builds.  That RPM is built and installed without any errors that I can
detect.  OpenSSH is failing during a key generation step, the exact error
messages I'll have in a few hours when this compile finishes.  Here's a
quote from the build:
Generating RSA Keys: (gook goes here)
Key generation complete.
Saving the key failed: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key: no such file or directory
Generating the DSA parameter and key.
Saving the key failed: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key: no such file or directory

Now, I can make these errors go away by creating /etc/ssh, but it seems that
since it's building into someplace, shouldn't it be creating these darn
things there?  Is there any way to tell the makefile NOT to create the
bloody keys, since it takes forever, and the keys get discarded anyway?  Any
good thoughts for me?

BTW, anybody know why OpenSSL is so slow to build?  I think I could almost
do a complete Linux kernel re-compile in the amount of time it takes to
rebuild that RPM.

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