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On Wed, 5 Jul 2000, Gregory Leblanc wrote:

> Anybody made OpenSSH work on a SPARC machine yet?  
> Now, I can make these errors go away by creating /etc/ssh, but it seems that
> since it's building into someplace, shouldn't it be creating these darn
> things there?  

ummm, if all you got was an install error, regarding the
missing directory, make the directory, and re-install the RPMs
-- no need to recomplie for that.  There is some error in the
OpenSSH spec file you are using --- you don't specify which,
and whose.  I am aware of at least two competing versions, in
general circulation.

> BTW, anybody know why OpenSSL is so slow to build?  I think I could almost
> do a complete Linux kernel re-compile in the amount of time it takes to
> rebuild that RPM.

On the sparc, I think the numeric handling is not well up to
snuff, compared to that which one might be used to on the i386
line.  A lot is done in math routines rather than at the chip
level, and it does seem to drag ...  

... Unfortunately this carries over to runtime --- I am quite
unhappy with sshd performance on the Sparcs.

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