PAM on OPenBSD for OpenSSH?

carl at carl at
Fri Jul 7 09:59:09 EST 2000

I know this is slightly off-topic.

I'm looking at a way to use PAM with OpenSSH, on OpenBSD 2.7 (which
at the moment as far as I can tell has no PAM support).

I wonder how hard it would be to spoof the config of the portable 
OpenSSH into thinking it was on something that supported PAM, and 
then having a wrapper of some sort to connect to a PAM module?

Some background: I have a requirement to allow ssh (prefeably OpenSSH)
into an OpenBSD box, using radius authentication.  I know of a good
PAM radius module which will work on Solaris and GNU/Linux, but I
want to get it working on OpenBSD also (as that's what I'm using
for a remote client site firewall ... I know, radius may not be 
ideal for this, but combined with IPsec it's "pretty secure".

Thanks for any clues or suggestions.


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