radius support? (was Re: PAM on OPenBSD for OpenSSH?

carl at bl.echidna.id.au carl at bl.echidna.id.au
Fri Jul 7 11:56:29 EST 2000

Further to my original question about PAM on OpenBSD for OpenSSH,
it may be non-trivial to get any PAM stuff onto OpenBSD (Thanks
to Ben Lindstrom for his suggestion, which I'll try, using a 
gnu/loonucks PAM package, any suggestions for which one to use, or
where to get it from? I'm not very clueful when it comes to GNU/linux).

So, I remember in a past life hacking suport for other auth into
erpcd (Annex TS's), and it wasn't rocket science to do, so I'd have
to guess that hacking a radius client into openSSH wouldn't be too hard

I've had the Merit one suggested, but before I do anything, is anyone
1. working on this already?
2. interested in doing this (ie: should I pass my hacks back to the 
   OpenSSH maintainers to include/laugh at?)

3. know of a better way to get OpenSSH's daemon to authenticate 
   against a remote radius server?

thanks again


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