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Ben Lindstrom mouring at pconline.com
Wed Jul 12 04:32:14 EST 2000

Minor Correction.. (I hate replying to myself)

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Ben Lindstrom wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Damien Miller wrote:
> Snapshot works like a charm under m68k NeXT, but fails under
> HPPA NeXT in bsd-inet_aton.c since 'in_addr_t' is not defined.  The
> following should be inserted after the #include statments.
> #ifndef in_addr_t            
> typedef u_int32_t in_addr_t 
> #endif                       
FYI.. the above is a NeXT 3.3 issue..not an HPPA issue.=)  (It was pointed
out to me it sounds like an HPPA problem..sorry =)

> Only minor thing (non-show stopper) is during the xauth check it
> attempts to use 'dirname'  which does not exists and just gives an
> error and goes on with the configure process.   Since NeXT (by default)
> has no xauth it does not effect the compile.
It's not actually 'xauth' that fails (well, it does, but it's not what
is in question =).. it's the line afterwards. When it's attempting to
detect the mailbox locations from the $MAIL variable (Which does not get
set by default under NeXT).

Provide conf_mail_dir=  for platforms that don't have detectable

Matthew C. Weigel has a dirname.c from the FreeBSD group that works under
NeXT.  I'm not sure if it's really required.  But Damien if you think
it's the best route ask him for a copy.

Ben Lindstrom

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