Control-c not work under openssh?

Irving Popovetsky irving at
Tue Jul 18 10:04:14 EST 2000

> So you only see this problem when you ssh to box A and then from box A ssh
> to box B (with the interrupt catching on box B broken)?
> I see the problem on box A (no need to ssh to box B before I see the
> problem).

nonono.   The interrupt catching is in fact broken on Box A, in that

If I rsh or telnet to Box A,  then SIGINT catching works fine when I ssh
to anywhere. 

If I am logged into the console of Box A, it catches SIGINT without a
problem.     But if I have sshed into Box A,  thats when ssh sessions from
Box A to Box B don't catch it. 

Makes sense?   barely :)


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