Control-c not work under openssh?

John Horne J.Horne at
Tue Jul 18 19:19:29 EST 2000

On 17-Jul-00 at 23:28:57 Garrick James wrote:
> Anyway, I am seeing this same control-C problem, also.  Was there ever
> any fix found?
None that I know of, and yes it is a pain of a problem. I have looked at the
code, but must admit I am a bit stumped by it (the problem).

> When the problem does exist, 'su - username' seems to fix it (regardless
> of the client :).  Needless to say, it is very annoying to have to su
> everytime I log in just to get control-c working.
Even just 'su' or 'su <user>' works okay. su must be resetting the
interrupts somewhere, however setting them using stty makes no effect.

I tried using one of the early openssh 2.0 and the problem still occurred.


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