Why do I *still* need RSA?

Robbie Stone robbie at serendipity.palo-alto.ca.us
Wed Jul 19 17:16:01 EST 2000

OpenSSH Developers,

	I'm researching whether or not OpenSSH is a viable commercial
alternative to F-SECURE SSH or SSH.COM's ssh, but I'm not getting the
kind of results that I expected from a "Non patent encumbered ssh

	When I attempt to build OpenSSH against an OpenSSL build without rc5,
idea, or rsa it bombs since OpenSSL doesn't place the header files in
the include dir. Now, that's fine and went away after I copied them to
the appropriate location (hoping that it just *needed* the file, but
that it didn't need any rc5, idea, or rsa functions exported by the
OpenSSL libraries) but it looks like the RSA (aka, non SSH-2.0)
functions are required to have a successful build of OpenSSH.

	Then question now is how OpenBSD is making available a solely SSH 2.0
client/server without RSA, IDEA or RC5. I noticed on the OpenBSD web
site that it became RSA equipped upon the installation of the rsaref
module, but how to I make a system like that under something that isn't

	I do not believe that in this stage of the game it is wise for me to go
to RSA Security and get a copy of BSAFE. Not only is it costly, but they
charge an arm and a leg for runtime licensing (not to mention it is sort
of stupid to pay that much money for a package that is not going to be
patent encumbered in 3 months.)

	I'm hoping that somebody can shed some light on build options or
library strategies to make my woes go away.


Robbie Stone
Serendipity Simplex

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