Why do I *still* need RSA?

Jim Knoble jmknoble at pint-stowp.cx
Wed Jul 19 17:41:35 EST 2000

Circa 2000-Jul-19 00:16:01 -0700 dixit Robbie Stone:

: OpenSSH Developers,
: 	I'm researching whether or not OpenSSH is a viable commercial
: alternative to F-SECURE SSH or SSH.COM's ssh, but I'm not getting the
: kind of results that I expected from a "Non patent encumbered ssh
: client".
: 	When I attempt to build OpenSSH against an OpenSSL build without rc5,
: idea, or rsa it bombs since OpenSSL doesn't place the header files in
: the include dir. Now, that's fine and went away after I copied them to
: the appropriate location (hoping that it just *needed* the file, but
: that it didn't need any rc5, idea, or rsa functions exported by the
: OpenSSL libraries)

As of openssl-0.9.5a, if you compile with -DOPENSSL_ALGORITHM_DEFINES
definitions that OpenSSL was built with (e.g., NO_IDEA, NO_RC5, etc.).
See opensslconf.h in your installed OpenSSL tree for further info.

That may help things a bit.

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