bug in lastlog logging?

Henry E. Thorpe thorpe at weasel.lz.att.com
Fri Jul 28 05:08:02 EST 2000


I couldn't find anything on my archive of the mailing list on this,
and it may just be my mis-understanding, but:

When I "ssh machine1 -l user1" as user2 on machine2, if user2 has the
same uid on machine1, then user2's name ends up in lastlog, instead of

This is a bit disconcerting when user2 is root, and root isn't allowed
to remotely log in on machine1.

I haven't dived into the code yet?  Is the bug in openssh, or my

This is with machine1 running openssh-2.1.1p1 under RedHat Linux 6.2,
and machine2 being either openssh-2.1.0p2 on RedHat Linux 6.0, "SSH
Version 1.2.26 [i386-unknown-freebsd3.1], protocol version 1.5" on
FreeBSD 3.1-RELEASE, or openssh-2.1.1p2 on Sparc/Solaris 2.6.

Please slap me if this is of no import.

Henry E. Thorpe 
AT&T Labs WorldNet Hosting Planning and Development
thorpe at lynxhub.att.com

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