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A short time ago, at a computer terminal far, far away, Brian Friday wrote:
>Well I've got 3 systems running openssh and 2 of those 3 are running
>SUNWski successfully. Here is the breakdown:
>	Sol 2.6 System: Has SUNWski but not SUNWlmsx
>	Sol 7 System:	Has SUNWski and SUNWlmsx (64-bit kernel) but when
>			/etc/rc2.d/S50cryptorand starts it exits with the
>			error message in our log files:
>				cryptorand: kvm_open: Bad file number
>	Sol 8 System:	Has SUNWski and SUNWlmsx (32-bit kernel) no problems
>			at all with this system.

Just now installing SUNWski today, I noticed that the SUNWski in patch
105710-01 appears to differ slightly from the SUNWski on the Solaris 7 Easy
Access Server 3.0 CD (seas_3_0).  In particular, the SEAS3 version includes
not only:
but also:

which is what I think you'll need when running in 64-bit mode.

Generally, it looked to me like the version on the SEAS3 CD was dated later
than the version in the patch.  If you're not sure where yours came from,
you should be able to do:
   pkgparam SUNWski VERSION

The patch version should report:
and the SEAS3 version should report:

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