closed connections when using X11 forwarding

jackjack jack jack_kcaj at
Sun Mar 12 09:28:45 EST 2000

I'm experiencing a problem with X11 forwarding over ssh connections.  If one 
of the X11 apps that is opened remotely is shut down, the entire connection 
is released with the output:

Connection to closed by remote host.
Connection to closed.

It seems like this only happens in certain instances of exiting X11 apps, 
e.g., when an app dies unexpectedly (I can replicate this with LyX), or for 
certain classes of apps (appletviewer distributed with jdk1.2.pre-v2).

I can't find any mention of this type of behavior being expected in the 
docs, though there may be some explanation for it.  I definitely would 
classify it as a bug, since on a ssh connection where multiple apps are 
being run, this results in data loss for those apps when the whole thing 
comes crashing down.

openssh version 1.2.2
openssl version 0.9.4
Linux (RH6.1) kernel 2.2.12, glibc 2.1.2.
(both machines match this description)
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