A few more Solaris 7 bugs in 1.2.3pre2

Jay at aol.com Jay at aol.com
Mon Mar 13 16:37:44 EST 2000

These are all in the port of 1.2.3pre2:

- configure accepts --includedir, but doesn't seem to pass it on to the 
Makefile.  You have to edit the Makefile manually if you have include files 
anywhere but /usr/include.  Which is a problem because...

- The Makefile doesn't include /usr/local/include by default, which is where 
zlib installs itself by default.  Probably oughta be in there.  Same with 
/usr/local/lib.  If you install your gcc to the default directory /usr/local, 
gcc will include them automatically, but if your gcc is in, say, /usr/cygnus 
it won't.

- The Makefile DOES include /usr/include, however.  Unfortunately, running 
gcc on a Solaris box, you want to pick up varargs.h from (gcc-lib)/include, 
not /usr/include, or else you'll get errors about __builtin_va_alist, which 
Solaris cc provides but GNU does not.  I put /usr/include as -idirafter 
instead of -I, and it worked for me.  Perhaps check for -idirafter as a 
compiler option, and use it if available?

- The man pages don't format properly ("what nroff" gives roff: n1.c 2.13).  
All the text runs together into one long paragraph.  I am unfamiliar with 
writing man and nroff, and my attempts to fix things just made it worse.
Jay Levitt

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