TEST RELEASE: 1.2.3pre3

Mate Wierdl mw at moni.msci.memphis.edu
Thu Mar 16 04:55:45 EST 2000

On Wed, Mar 15, 2000 at 10:33:20AM -0500, David G. Hesprich wrote:
> I had to change the LDFLAGS to get this release to work on my Solaris 2.7
> box:
> removed "-L/usr/ucblib", "-R/usr/ucblib", "-L/usr/local/ssl" and
> "-R/usr/local/ssl" (not necessary to get sshd to run, they're just
> superfluous).

I do wonder about the inclusion of  /usr/ucblib in the first place:
even if gcc is used (probably bacuse the native compiler package is
probably not installed), /usr/ucblib is included.  

Unless the SPROcc package is installed, `man cc' shows:

     cc - C compiler

     /usr/ucb/cc [ options ]

     /usr/ucb/cc is the interface to the BSD Compatibility  Pack-
     age  C  compiler.   It  is  a script that looks for the link
     /usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc to the C compiler.  /usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc is
     available  only with the SPROcc package, whose default loca-
     tion  is  /opt/SUNWspro.   /usr/ucb/cc   is   identical   to
     /usr/ccs/bin/ucbcc, except that BSD headers are used and BSD
     libraries   are   linked   before   base   libraries.    The
     /opt/SUNWspro/man/man1/acc.1 man page is available only with
     the SPROcc package.

My feeling is that /usr/ucb* stuff may not be used unless the native
sun compiler is to be used.   Could be wrong here though, since I am
just temporarily tinkering with solaris to put openssh and rpm on.


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