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Damien Miller djm at
Thu Mar 30 08:09:13 EST 2000

On Mon, 27 Mar 2000, Paul Thomas wrote:

> Hi,
> If there is a place to post this, please advise, but I am stuck. I have
> recently installed openssh-1.2.3
> on a Red Hat 6.1 installation. Everything compile ok but I don't get no
> password auththenticcation.
> So I recompiled openssh-1.2.3 without PAM support and it still  does not
> work. I can log into
> the system otherwise (shadow password is enabled).

Have you tried the RPM versions? I build these myself on Redhat 6.1
and they work perfectly. If you want to rebuild from source, consider
rebuilding the SRPM.

Damien Miller

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