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Jim Knoble jmknoble at
Thu Mar 30 09:27:52 EST 2000

Paul, i think you misunderstand.  The OpenSSH RPMs are not provided by
Red Hat.  They're built by Damien Miller (who also coordinates the
non-BSD port of OpenSSH) and are available in the same location you
downloaded the OpenSSH source from.

I don't think anyone here is trying to waste your time or imply anything
about your level of knowledge or intelligence; they're mostly trying to
understand the nature of the problem you're experiencing.

Since Damien builds OpenSSH and uses it on Red Hat Linux 6.1 systems,
there must be something funky about either the configuration of your
system or the way you configured and compiled OpenSSH.  Please help us
help you and discover what the differences are.

jim knoble
jmknoble at

På 2000-Mar-29 klokka 14:46:30 -0800 skrivet Paul Thomas:

: For one thing there does not seem to be an Openssh RPM included
: in my 6.1 distribution CD's and there is no reference to it
: in the texts they supply with that product. Besides, this is not
: going to help better understand Openssh, I also need to do an
: install on a couple older Slackware machines.
: Thanks, but maybe the old ssh-1.2.17 is adequate for basic
: functions. I have not had any trouble with it whatsoever to
: date.

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