ttyslot(), forking and NeXT.

Ben Lindstrom mouring at
Thu Mar 30 14:20:05 EST 2000

I'm surprise this is right on any machine.  But I'll check my Suse 6.3
box here in a few hours.

In bsd-login.c  if you go down to the 'tty = ttyslot();' and
insert a debug("LOGIN: ttyslot = %d",tty);  then run the server
in debug mode and log with a client.  You'll see the ttyslot your
using in the utmp file.

Now.. The kicker.

I can log into my NeXT box and I get assigned one ttyslot() number for
my session (which I assume is done after the fork()).. But when I logout
I get assigned a different ttyslot() number.  Suprised? I sure was.. What
this does is causes the utmp file to not be updated correctly.

Wonder if this has anything to do with a lack of complete sig*()

Any one have any perls of wisdom?

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