Password and RH 6.1

Paul Thomas paul at
Thu Mar 30 17:22:53 EST 2000

Jim Knobel said:

>Paul, i think you misunderstand.  The OpenSSH RPMs are not provided by
>Red Hat.  They're built by Damien Miller (who also coordinates the
>non-BSD port of OpenSSH) and are available in the same location you
>downloaded the OpenSSH source from.

I just figured this out. I apologize, I am new to Red Hat and I 
just don't think to grab an RPM when I need to install something.

>Since Damien builds OpenSSH and uses it on Red Hat Linux 6.1 systems,
>there must be something funky about either the configuration of your
>system or the way you configured and compiled OpenSSH.  Please help us
>help you and discover what the differences are.

This is possible. I just tried to install Damien's RPM and get
the following:

[root at chime src]# rpm -ivh openssh-1.2.3-1.i386.rpm
error: failed dependencies:
        openssl   is needed by openssh-1.2.3-1
        openssl is needed by openssh-1.2.3-1 is needed by openssh-1.2.3-1

I have already installed and compiles Openssl, did a make test
and it passed so I did a make install. I don't seem to have anywhere on my system. If there is an Openssl
RPM I couldn't find it at

I found that Openssh does allow root to login but just does not
seem to be able to find the password for any other users.

Thanks for your patience.

--Paul T.

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