OpenSSH ssh-keygen on Solaris8 x86

Patrick Gardella patrick at
Mon May 1 14:43:51 EST 2000

The patched version below does indeed work for what I've tried so far.

The only things I would suggest adding to the documentation for egd is a
slightly modified copy of your text for GPG.  I'll send it to you in
another message.


Brian Warner wrote:
> > Based on what you sent me, the problem is with egd, and not with
> > OpenSSH, as suspected.
> Yup. There's a bug in select() handling in egd-0.7 that is exposed on recent
> versions of Solaris (and possibly Irix). The symptom is the "ran out of
> sources" message. (in short, select()ing for readability and exception-ability
> will sometimes return both when an fd is at EOF, so you must try reading first
> before believing the exception).
> I've got a patched version of up for test at
> <> that all are welcome to try. Feedback
> is most welcome. I'm especially interested in hearing about whether clients
> who terminate early (killed mid-transaction) cause the daemon to get confused,
> since that feels like the most likely bug that could result from shuffling
> those two blocks of code.
> BTW, if there is any openssh-specific documentation you'd like me to put into
> the egd docs, just let me know. Something like "How to use EGD with OpenSSH"
> to complement the GPG section. (I guess I should talk to the OpenSSL folks
> about the same thing..)
> > Brian Carrier wrote:
> > >
> > > I don't believe 'make test' does much except test the SHA installation.
> The 0.6 'make test' did only that. The in 0.7 actually starts the
> daemon does a few quick client commands to make sure it basically works. If it
> isn't doing that when you do 'make test', let me know.
> cheers,
>  -Brian (warner)

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