openssh-2.0beta ssh_config Protocol parsing error.

Pekka Savola pekkas at
Fri May 5 19:21:47 EST 2000

Hello all,

It seems that openssh-2.0beta's ssh doesn't parse /etc/ssh/ssh_config (or
equivalent) properly.  If I add e.g. 'Protocol 2,1' there, ssh will just
complain '/etc/ssh/ssh_config line 30: garbage at end of line.'.  I've
tried changing the line, etc. but the error remains.

True enough, README.openssh2 only mentions ~/.ssh/config, but IMO this
must have been an oversight or something :)

Running it on Redhat 5.1 w/ openssl-0.95a.

Also, I didn't see any option to turn off those messages about 1023 vs
1024 bit key size bug in SSH inc.'s ssh.  I'm not really interested in
getting them, and after a while they get boring -- and I don't think I'm
alone here. :)


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Pekka.Savola at          not those you stumble over and fall"

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