OpenSSH 2.1.0 does not compile without RSA support

Garrick James garrick at
Wed May 10 05:09:57 EST 2000

I was very excited when I saw the announcement that openssh now supports
the ssh2 protocol.  The problem I have run into is that openssh v. 2.1.0
will not compile unless rsa is supported by openssl.  Because I wish to
use openssh in a commercial environment in the USA, I built openssl with
no support for rsa, rc5, or idea (thus ensuring that I do not encroach on 
anyone's blasted patents).

Openssh claims to be able to run without using any patented algorithms,
but is there really any way to build such a binary?

portable openssh v. 2.1.0
openssl 0.9.5a (no-rsa, no-rc5, no-idea)
solaris 2.6 (SPARC)

Garrick James

Please CC me on any responses, as I am not subscribed to openssh-unix-dev.

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