liblogin (was: Re: AIX authenticate patches)

Tom Bertelson tbert at
Tue May 16 00:14:54 EST 2000

Andre Lucas wrote:
> I've not had any feedback on liblogin for a long time, and I've not done
> any work on it for a while either. The login.c code in openssh is
> workable, does most of what's required, and is actively maintained.
> Like any such project, liblogin is only worth doing if it's being used.
> I never expected anyone to get excited about it - it is dull, all things
> considered - but I heard nothing at all for three months. So, I consider
> it an ex-project. It has ceased to be.
> I'm sorry I haven't changed the webpage to reflect this, I will do so
> tonight.

That's fine -- less porting effort for me.  Be sure to update
openssh-2.1.0/contrib/README too so no one else gets confused.
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