Strange problem with X11 forwarding...

Michael H. Warfield mhw at
Mon May 15 23:45:14 EST 2000


	This could be cockpit error, but I just don't see it.  I've
installed OpenSSH 2.1.0 and I can't get X11 forwarding to work.  I
don't recall having this problem under 1.2.3, but I don't use X11
forwarding often enough to really say that I actually saw it work

	Both sides are running OpenSSH-2.1.0-1 installed from rpm.
The client side is running RedHat Linux 6.1 while the server side
is running RedHat Linux 6.2.  Kernel is 2.3.99pre8 on the client
side and 2.2.15 on the server side.

	I've got DSA and RSA keys defined for both systems but I'm
connecting using RSA keys for my identity.

	I've enabled X11 forwarding on both the client and server side.
When I connect to the other side and run an X app, I get two errors
and it fails.


[mhw at alcove mhw]$ ssh canyon
Last login: Mon May 15 05:41:07 2000 from
[mhw at canyon mhw]$ xterm
channel 0: istate 4 != open
channel 0: ostate 64 != open
X connection to canyon:10.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown).
[mhw at canyon mhw]$ echo $DISPLAY
[mhw at canyon mhw]$ 

	Sooo....  Offset is 10 and DISPLAY is getting set properly,
but I get these istate and ostate errors on channel 0.  What have
I got screwed up here?

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