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Damien Miller djm at
Wed May 17 22:59:26 EST 2000

On Wed, 17 May 2000, Satoshi Turuo wrote:

> Hi,OpenSSH developers
>  My name is Satoshi Turuo, and I'm an editor 
> of Linux information magazine, 
> called "TECH Linux", ASCII Corp in Japan. 
> "TECH Linux" is Linux Magazine for Japanese LINUX Gamers, 
> Newbie LINUX Game Programmers.
> Newest issue comes with 2 CD-ROMs that loaded 
> with Playabledemos, FreeSoftwares, Sharewares, product advertisements.
>  Right now, we are working on a particular project 
> with which we would like to ask you for your cooperation.
> The title of this project is;
> "The COOL Softwares for Linux".
> We would like your permissions to accomodate the given 
> materials to the CD-ROM of our magazine.
> (Linux client and server files for OpenSSH Unix Port
> 2.1.0.[openssh-2.1.0.tar.gz]) 

Absolutely. OpenSSH is released under a free (BSD) license which 
explicitly allows such distribution. 

Please do credit the OpenBSD developers for their hard work in making
OpenSSH available.

> If you are interested in the project, please contact me 
> as soon as possible.
> Actually, deadline of this project is staring us 
> in the face, so I am desperately waiting for you to 
> give the answer back. 

I hope that we were quick enough!

When is your deadline?

Damien Miller

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