Openssh-2.1.0p1 test release

Garrick James garrick at
Thu May 18 05:59:38 EST 2000

The patch for building openssh w/o rsa support does not seem to work (for
me, at least). It may allow you to link at run time to openssl w/o rsa,
but it does not let you build against such an openssl. 

I built openssl-0.9.5a with no-rc5, no-rsa, and no-idea.  When installing,
it does not install headers for rc5, rsa, or idea (of course).  (I know,
exlcuding rc5 and idea is a little out of scope for the patch in question,
but the issues are the same.) 

When trying to then build openssh-2.1.0p1 against this openssl, there are
all kinds of compile time errors because of the missing headers.  I went
ahead and copied the rc5, rsa, and idea headers for openssl into the
openssl include dir and tried to compile again.  This time there are
a bunch of errors at link time during the build.

If rsa (and rc5 and idea, for that matter) is missing at build time, would
it not be good to have some ifdefs in the openssh code to exclude sections
of code that rely on them.  I understand that this would basically turn
openssh into ssh2 only, so maybe it would be better to implement all this
as some compile time define that says ssh2 only. 

-Garrick James

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