OpenSSH-2.1: FROM in 'w' empty?

Tom Bertelson tbert at
Thu May 25 23:01:37 EST 2000

Jim Knoble wrote:
> : I suspect this change will break a lot of other systems.  Remember there
> : are still machines out there that don't understand the $(command) syntax
> : (my stock Solaris with /bin/sh is one of them).
> :
> : Is there another way to fix this and preserve the use of backticks?
> Tom, i don't see any $() expression in the above change.  What are you
> referring to?

Sorry, I've been poring over Makefiles and running into this problem
lately. I misread the braces as parens, jumped the gun, and, well,
enough said.

I guess it's time to switch to a bigger font for my windows :-( (And I
just had my eyes checked last week!)
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