openssh-2.1.0p2 ans Solaris 8

Brandon Hume hume at Den.BOFH.Halifax.NS.Ca
Mon May 29 20:02:11 EST 2000

> I have some troubles with subj and proper utmpx/wtmpx functionality.
> After successfull ssh connect to Solaris 8 box, I run

The problem arises because if you check line 154 of bsd-login.c, OpenSSH
writes out a *utmp* record into utmpx.  (Along with a variety of other nasty
things, like opening the same file twice and not closing any of them, etc...)

I think somebody already mentioned this problem on the list, and submitted a

I avoided the problem by gutting login() to look like:

        struct utmp *utp;
        struct utmpx *utx;
        struct utmpx *old_utx;

        if((old_utx = pututxline(utx)) == NULL) {
                log("Could not update utmpx!");

        updwtmpx(_PATH_WTMPX, utx);

Obviously it destroys portability to other platforms, but it was just a quick
"make it go" fix.

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