bug in documentation for "Protocol" option

Rob Hagopian rob at hagopian.net
Wed Nov 8 08:15:12 EST 2000

I believe I was told that there are some theoretical weaknesses with
protocol 1? And since ssh.com uses 2 by default shouldn't this be the same
for openssh?

Also, in another case of the default isn't really the default:

#   StrictHostKeyChecking no

The default is actually yes if it's commented out (and I believe this one
should be yes even though I always turn it off manually :-) ) so the conf
file should be changed?

On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, joel w. reed wrote:

> ssh.1 says 
>  Protocol Specifies the protocol versions ssh should support in order of
>              preference.  The possible values are ``1'' and ``2''. Multiple
>              versions must be comma-separated.  The default is ``1,2''. This
>              means that ssh tries version 1 and falls back to version 2 if
>              version 1 is not available.
> but /etc/ssh/ssh_config shows the default for Protocol as...
> #   Port 22 
> #   Protocol 2,1 
> #   Cipher blowfish 
> one of the above should be fixed.
> jr

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