OpenSSH, sftp problems

Chris Adams cmadams at
Fri Jun 1 01:26:22 EST 2001

Once upon a time, George Dimitoglou <george at> said:
> We are in a Tru64 4.0F environment, running C2 security and TCP
> Wrappers.
> We are using OpenSSH_2.5.1p2
> 	     OpenSSL 0.9.5 28 Feb 2000
> 	     Zlib 1.1.3
> for remote sessions and all works ok with ssh but we have many problems
> with sftp.
> Namely, the session ends when a user issues an 'ls' command during a
> sftp session.  The following debug output may give someone a hint.

It is fixed in OpenSSH 2.9p1.

The problem is that sftp-server.c uses an "ll" modifier in snprintf when
printing a 64 bit integer.  On 32 bit platforms, "long long" is used for
that type, which needs "ll".  On 64 bit platforms (like Alpha), a 64 bit
type is just a "long" and only needs "l".  Tru64 doesn't understand "ll"
and segfaults when it sees it (it actually could be used as a security
hole I believe).

OpenSSH 2.9p1 tests the library snprintf to see that it accepts "ll" and
uses its own version if "ll" doesn't work.
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