OpenSSH, sftp problems

George Dimitoglou george at
Fri Jun 1 01:00:08 EST 2001

Hi - 

We have been fighting this issue quite some time now and a posting on
the general list some months ago did not provide any answers. So I
thought the developers may have an insight.

We are in a Tru64 4.0F environment, running C2 security and TCP

We are using OpenSSH_2.5.1p2
	     OpenSSL 0.9.5 28 Feb 2000
	     Zlib 1.1.3
for remote sessions and all works ok with ssh but we have many problems
with sftp.

Namely, the session ends when a user issues an 'ls' command during a
sftp session.  The following debug output may give someone a hint.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.> sftp georged at
			(snipped authentication output) 
	Sftp2/sftp2.c:2205: buffer: 'AUTHENTICATED YES
	debug: SshTtyFlags/sshttyflags.c:294: Not a tty. (fd = 0)
	sftp> ls
	SshFCGlob/sshfc_glob.c:299: Adding file . to file list without globbing...
	SshFCGlob/sshfc_glob.c:242: File list is at it's end.
	SshFCGlob/sshfc_glob.c:76: Destroying global data...
	SshFCRecurse/sshfc_recurse.c:180: File is "raw", and it needs to be parsed.
	SshFCRecurse/sshfc_recurse.c:258: File . is a directory. Starting recursion...
	SshFCRecurse/sshfc_recurse.c:877: Opening directory ....
	Warning: ssh_packet_wrapper_input: invalid packet received: len 1399154545 closing the offending input channel.
	SshFCRecurse/sshfc_recurse.c:972: Connection down, re-establishing...
	FATAL: find_state_by_name: cannot find a state w/ name `fcr_lstat_file'.> debug: Ssh2ChannelSession/sshchsession.c:1306: received exit status : 139
	debug: Ssh2Common/sshcommon.c:660: num_channels now 0
	debug: Got session close with exit_status=139
	debug: destroying client struct...
	debug: uninitializing event loop> 

George Dimitoglou 
Emergent-IT, Space Sciences Division

SOHO ESA/NASA Project Scientist Team 
Laboratory of Astronomy & Solar Physics
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Bldg. 26, G-1, Code 682.3
Greenbelt, MD 20771

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