Old pam systems

Berend De Schouwer bds at jhb.ucs.co.za
Thu Jun 21 00:05:51 EST 2001


I've recently had the pleasure of compiling OpenSSH for an older Linux
2.0/libc 5 machine.  It comes with an older version of PAM, and the
configure script rightfully triggers HAVE_OLD_PAM.

I've found that some PAM_*_CRED #defines have changed, and this prevents
auth-pam.c from compiling, so I made the obvious fix.  The attached
patch is against OpenSSH 2.9p2.

Things to consider:
- Is this generic?  Do all old PAM installations behave the same way?
- Is it better to patch defines.h?  Or another place?
- Is it better to #ifndef AUTH_*_CRED then #define AUTH_CRED_*?

Kind regards,                             

Berend De Schouwer, +27-11-712-1435, UCS
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