SFTP Logging Redux.

Robert Mooney rjmooney at aboveground.cx
Thu Jun 21 06:05:52 EST 2001

It looks like you're logging the requested action, not the result.  For

log("(%d/%d/%s) File/Dir opened: %s (%s,%04o)"...);
fd = open(name, flags, mode);

Unless I'm missing something about the functionality of log(), I would
expect it to come after the open(), and include information as to
whether or not the action actually succeeded.

Also, a switch to a) turn on logging, and b) set the verbosity of the
logging would be cool.

In general, I think it's easier for a developer to turn his back on 
your patch if it's adding functionality without requiring the user
request it explicitly.

Nice idea though, I would like to see something similar committed.

- Rob

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: Sorry to repost, but I finally have the code on a machine that has
: diff -u, and I've updated it for 2.9p2.  Attached is the unified
: diff to add logging of SFTP activity to auth.info.
: If there is a more proper way to contrib patches, please let me
: know.
: Cheers,
: Jason
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