SFTP Logging Redux.

Jason A . Dour jason at dour.org
Thu Jun 21 22:17:00 EST 2001

On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 04:05:52PM -0400, Robert Mooney wrote:
> It looks like you're logging the requested action, not the result.  For
> instance:

True.  I was mainly worried about logging in general on my first
pass through the code.  So I simply logged anywhere there was a
TRACE.  Not the greatest...but it met my extremely short time-frame.

> Unless I'm missing something about the functionality of log(), I would
> expect it to come after the open(), and include information as to
> whether or not the action actually succeeded.

True.  I'm working on a patch today for this fucntionality.

> Also, a switch to a) turn on logging, and b) set the verbosity of the
> logging would be cool.

Compile-time or execution time?  Ideally execution-time, in my
opinion, but that complicates the coding.  Compile time reduces
complexity and makes it feasible to be there in the next patch.

> In general, I think it's easier for a developer to turn his back on 
> your patch if it's adding functionality without requiring the user
> request it explicitly.

Noted.  Thanks!

I'll post the fix as soon as I have it.

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