Sunil K. Vallamkonda sunil at
Thu Mar 1 11:37:29 EST 2001


I see that incase of command execution:
:fork()" is called twice, in sshd.
Once to spin off child sshd from parenat and 
second from child sshd, to execute command.
Due to this I see 3 processes being created
for each connection viz:

16398  0.0  0.3  1284  892 ??  S     4:33PM    0:00.05 sshd:child
16399  0.0  0.1   320  232 p4  Is+   4:33PM    0:00.06 -sh -c foo_command
16401  0.0  0.3  2076  840 p4  S+    4:33PM    0:00.01 foo_command

I may be missing something, but
I was wondering to why second
fork() is required to execute a command
on server. 
To execute a command, the child sshd could execve(..).
thus eliminate the need for second fork() and possibly
simpler code path.

Thank you.

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