ssh-add won't look for id_dsa in ssh-clients-2.3.0p1-4 but did in ssh-clients-2.5.1p2-1

Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. Leigh.Klotz at
Fri Mar 2 09:10:49 EST 2001

I've been running ssh-clients-2.3.0p1-4 on RedHat 7.0 and upgraded to
2.5.1p2-1 yesterday from

I noticed that 2.5.1p2-1 ssh-add won't look for by default --
if I have no
identity file it just says "/home/klotz/.ssh/identity: No such file or

The 2.5.1p1-1 I got from RedHat's rawhide site *does* look for it.  Is
this a RedHat patch?

It works if I explicitly specify /home/klotz/.ssh/

I looked in ssh-add.c from openssh-2.5.1p2-1.src.rpm from the OpenBSD
rpm directory mentioned above,
and I see that at line 295 it looks in _PATH_SSH_CLIENT_IDENTITY
but no further.  I see that readconf.c in line 810 does check
options->protocol && SSH_PROTO_2
and will also check _PATH_SSH_CLIENT_ID_DSA, but this logic is not
present in ssh-add.

Since I don't have the CVS tree, I couldn't check to see if this log was
previously present in
ssh-add.c or not, or if it is a RedHat patch.  Am I broken in some way
to expect ssh-add simply
to work with id_dsa without an explicit argument?


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